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No Risk Mole Trapping Service

No Set Up Fees & No Payment Until Moles Are Caught

Mole Removal Package:

$75 per mole for the first 4 caught

$50 per mole after the first 4 

Mole Numbers Caught Last 5 Years

 2015 Total # of Moles Trapped was 482​,  2016 Total # of Moles Trapped was 938,   2017 Total # of Moles Trapped was 1,351,   2018 Total # of Moles Trapped was ​1,326,  2019 Total # of Moles Trapped was 1,325  2020 Total # of Moles Trapped is 61 as of March 29th.

Most moles caught within 24 hours after traps are set

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Mole Removal Service Details


Once the property is set up with traps, we will monitor the traps at least once per week, taking dead caught moles out of traps (can show you the mole caught if you desire), and resetting traps as mole activity dictates.  When there is no more NEW damage in the lawn, we will pull the traps, walk down any old mole runs, and then if at any time you see new mole damage, you call, text, or email TRapper's Wildlife Control and we will return to reset the traps.

There is No Way to keep moles out for good, they are always expanding their territories. Mole Baits (Poison) is ineffective...Only way to Guarantee a dead mole is to be able to see the dead mole...Trapping is the Guarantee of a dead mole.

The average 1 acre yard can have 1-5 moles active in it, they are territorial, solitary animals. One mole can cause 100 Feet of New Damage per day, dig an average of 18 Feet an hour, and travel over 80 Feet per minute in tunnel already built.


Common questions and facts about moles


If I get rid of the moles in my yard, what about the moles in the neighbors yard?

 Moles are a solitary and a very territorial animal.  If your neighbor moved out of their house, you wouldn’t automatically move in right?  Of course not, because you have your own territory established, but at a later time, you might decide to expand your territory and buy their house and property.  Moles operate the same way, they are always expanding their territory.  We at TRapper's Wildlife Control will then remove those moles if they decide to expand their territory into your yard 

Can I ever be successful in getting rid of moles forever?

 There are 2 ways I know of to get rid of moles forever but they both are not good methods.  One is to pave over your entire yard and make it into a parking lot and the other is to kill every living organism in your yard that moles eat and the mole won’t find your yard attractive, but you won’t have much of a yard either.  Getting rid of moles is a control effort, one that we at TRapper's Wildlife Control guarantee to be effective at. 

Do moles ever come back?

 Yes and no, some yards may experience new moles coming back in as explained in the answer to the first question above.  Other yards may have moles in them now, and once we at TRapper's Wildlife Control have removed the problem moles, there may not be any more moles nearby that can expand to your yard.  But there is not a product available to keep moles out for good, anyone who tells you differently just wants your money. 

Why does everyone tell me to get rid of the grubs and I will get rid of my moles?

 Grub control for mole control is the biggest myth out there.   Out of all the yards we have and currently do service, about 80 percent of them never have grubs as they have either killed the grubs or didn’t have them to begin with.  Moles are in the yard for earthworms, all factual studies on moles always come up with earthworms as the main diet of the mole.  85 Percent of their diet is earthworms.  They are strictly an Insectivore.  If you think about it, businesses can sell grub control but can’t sell earthworm control.  No one would buy earthworm control as they are needed for the deep, natural aeration of your yard. 

I must have over 100 moles in my yard right?

 No, the typical acre averages between 3 to 5 moles.  Moles are solitary by nature and extremely territorial.  One mole can average 100 feet of digging new tunnels in 1 Day, 18 feet an hour when digging surface or deep tunnels, and can travel 80 feet a minute in tunnel already created.  

Why do all the poisons, home remedies, grub control, moletox, sound (sonic) makers, vibration makers

 Our answer to this question is simple, if all of these actually worked, we would not be in business.  Ever heard the expression, cheaper is better?  Not really is it, quality and factual knowledge beats cheap any day.  Those things are there to hook the homeowner, not to solve your problem.  Moles do not eat any form of grain or plant matter, they are strictly meat eaters.    As to the sound, sonic, and vibrating devices designed to scare moles away, we at TRapper's Wildlife Control catch moles weekly fairly close to these devices. 

MOle Getting Caught In Trap In Des Moines Video

Mole Digging Under Ground in less than 30 seconds Video

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Mole Article by Trapper


TRapper’s Wildlife Control we take pride in our Mole or Moles Control. Mole Eradicating Is our Goal for our clients Lawns in our professional Mole Control & Removal Extermination service. Yard Moles Control & Removal, Lawn Moles Control & Removal, and Pest Moles Control & Removal, are what many people refer to the Mole animal where they see damages in their lawn or yard. Moles in my yard is the common statement people make when they call about How to Get Rid of Moles, how to get rid of a mole or to Stop Moles in my yard or lawn. There are many ways people look to control or Exterminate moles and some of these are mole traps, mole poison, and mole removal devices designed to chase moles away, windmill for mole control, talpirid poison worms, moletox bait pills.
Trapping a mole or moles is what we do when our clients got moles that are ruining or tearting up my or their yard or lawn. Mole damage comes in many forms such as mole runs, gopher mounds, (commonly mistaken for mole mounds), and mole tunnels and mole dumps. There are many things people hear about controlling and killing moles that are really a myth such as grub control, insect control, get rid of grubs, getting rid of grubs, and stop grubs in my lawn. How to kill moles is harder than one might think, it takes time and lots of experience to know where to set the mole trap.  In order to get rid of moles, control moles, and eradicate moles one must not get caught up in some of the other home remedies such as mole out, molex, mole away, moletox, talpirid, mole worms, mole poison worms, windmills for mole control, mole gel, kaput, and mole med.
Trapping moles is the most effective method of control or abatement using traps such as the mole spear trap, mole out of sight trap, and the nash loop mole trap. A true mole professional must know his mole biology. Professional mole removal, professional mole control, professional mole eradication, we do them all @ Mole problems generally show up as mole trails or a single mole trail. A Mole is a pest and they must have some form of control & Removal.  People offer refer to Josh Jones as the Moleman and the mole chaser when they have a problem mole or moles. We strive at keeping moles out to eliminate moles. They are referred to as mole pests and many times it takes yard pest control and lawn pest control to get the job done. Some other types of mole control that doesn’t work is electronic mole control, milky spore mole control, castor bean mole control, and other mole control home remedy or remedies. People just simply don’t have the mole facts they need to make an informed decision. We are a mole killer and it is our job to kill moles. Killing moles is what we do as a mole pro. They are known sometimes as a little lawn wrecker, lawn wrecker. They are sometimes mistaken for gopher tunnels. People hate moles digging in my yard as they make gopher holes or mole holes.
Hire TRapper’s Wildlife Control to effectively remove moles to have an effective mole control. Moles eating my plants, moles eating my bulbs are what we often hear of moles doing however they are strictly insectivores, not eating any plant matter. Earthworms make up 80 to 90 Percent of the mole food source. Earthworms are the main reason for the mole activity in your yard. Scientific study shows Earthworms as the primary food source of the Mole.  At TRapper’s Wildlife Control we are your source for Effective Mole Control of the Eastern Mole. Sorry, we do not have a mole relocation services at this time.    
 Contact us today for a Free Consultation regarding your pest moles or voles problem.  We Trap Moles and Voles  Although TRapper's Wildlife Control didn't have a booth at the Des Moines Home and Garden Show in February 2014, we support the ideas of the Mole Hunter Jeff Holper to resolving mole conflicts...The #1 solution to mole problems in your yard is trapping them and we specialize in doing just that.